The seminar will be catered to individuals who have never taken their boat to The Bahamas and/or have interest in boating to The Bahamas. The seminar will cover the pre-departure procedures, which will be covered by a Bahamas Ministry of Tourism representative. The seminar will also discuss the actual distance as well as any potential challenges/ pointers in getting from Fort Lauderdale to The Bahamas. The main island in discussion would be Bimini, Bahamas considering it's close proximity to the U.S. The seminar will also discuss the process of arriving into Bimini (check in, customs, immigration). Robert is a very well known influencer amongst the boating community. He has amassed a very large following via the social media space as it relates to boating.

Seminar Takeaways:

  • "Distance from South Florida to Bimini (first point of entry)
  • Bahamian customs and immigration 
  • Popular boating attractions near the Bimini, Bahamas area
  • Q&A for BMOT representatives

About Mr. Robert Brousseau:

Growing up on the east coast, Robert spent most of his time on the water.  He spent most of his days surfing as a child which of course, that passion of being on the water later lead to his love for boating.  

One of Roberts greatest passions is what he likes to call adventure boating, which is where he uses the boat as a mode of transportation to explore new places with his family. This "adventure boating"  led Robert to making his first crossing to The Bahamas back in 2015.  Since then, he has organized large group-crossings to The Bahamas every year, anywhere from 10, to up to 50 boats. Robert likes to say that he enjoys sharing his passion for adventure boating and The Bahamas with others, which is what makes him a great Bahamas Boating Ambassador. 

Robert's passion for sharing boating with others doesn’t stop there, as he may be better known to some as the YouTuber 'Broncos Guru'.  He successfully owns and manages three boating-based YouTube channels Broncos Guru, Miami Boat Ramps and Boats vs Haulover.

This special event is free with your admission to FLIBS.